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We design and develop beautiful digital solutions that are scalable, secure, and highly responsive to improve user experience.
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Build Cycle

Our Process


Discovery Call

We start with a meeting to better understand your team, timeline, budget, and motives.


Discovery Workshop

We conduct a deep dive into your business to better understand the requirements and technical scope of your product.

What this includes:

User Experience Research

We conduct a series of interactive games and interviews with members from your team.

From there we establish user personas based upon the end-users that we expect to use your product and we map that user behavior through user journeys.

Competitor Analysis Report

We collect, organize, and produce a thorough competitor analysis report on your solution and rank it against market competitors.

This provides our team insights around ways that we can differentiate in the market.


Design Workshop

Our team of UI/IX designers, researchers, and strategists produce wireframes and a clickable prototype to be tested with real humans.

Both objective and subjective psychological feedback about the user behavior is recorded, analyzed, and directly put back into the product.


Workshop Delivery and Review

We deliver a clickable prototype for your team to review and test.

Along with this, you’ll also receive a detailed technical roadmap for our proposed development, a comprehensive discovery workshop report including a market analysis, user journey and user persona maps, and UML diagrams.


Finalize Plan

We provide a reasonable timeline and cost estimations for MVP and future development.

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